Pilates & Golf


Shaping up for golf. Follow our unique fitness program and you will not only feel better on the golf course but those aches and pains will simply disappear.

Do you want to improve your golf swing while at the same time prevent injuries, particularly to your back? Currently revolutionizing sports medicine, Pilates is now used by top athletes to enhance performance and reduce injury.

During a round of golf you are repeatedly bending over the ball and twisting your body in one direction. This results in the same muscles being over-used, and the delicate balance of these muscles being upset. The shoulders, neck, hips and feet are all vulnerable, but it is the lumbar spine which takes the greatest toll. Pilates works because it restores the balance, realigning the body and encouraging natural, normal movement patterns.

By targeting the deep postural muscles, Pilates will literally build up your strength from the inside out. The key is learning to engage your stabilizing muscles which create a strong centre from which you move. These are your tranversus abdominus and your pelvic floor muscles.

When these are engaged, they form a ‘corset’ around the torso to protect and stabilize your spine as you swing. Just as a tower crane needs a stable base to be able to lift and maneuver, so your body needs a stable base from which to move.

These deep abdominal muscles are used with every movement in Pilates. It requires considerable concentration to find the stabilizers. You also need to learn how to align your body correctly, to breathe efficiently and to be aware of unwanted tension creeping into your body. You have to watch out for ‘cheating mechanisms’ where the wrong muscles are used. With Pilates we aim to make the right muscles do the work. It is the quality of your movements that count, not the quantity. You need to be present and focused.

– excerpted from an article in Today’s Golfer


“I have enjoyed working with Lexie for the past three months. In that time, my golf game has improved due to increased core strength and overall flexibility. The best part, I no longer need to take ibuprofen before and after playing. My overall fitness is significantly better and my wife and others have noticed that my posture has improved ”.

Mike, 51; attorney