Prices & Scheduling

We offer private sessions, semi-private sessions, tower and mat classes. New clients are encouraged to begin with private sessions. All equipment and mat work focus on finding and strengthening your core muscles.

All sessions and classes are by appointment only.

Call or click here to schedule your session.

Private Sessions

Privates are one-on-one sessions that include work on all of the Pilates equipment including the mat. During these sessions a customized program is developed based on your body’s specific needs, injuries.

Non-Member Price Member Price
1 Private $80 $75
5 Session Pkg $380 $350
10 Session Pkg $720 $650


Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-privates are one instructor per two client sessions. These sessions allow for clients to work on their own program with instructor guidance. Permission is required prior to scheduling a semi-private.

Non-Member Price Member Price
1 Semi-Private $55 $50
5 Session Pkg $240 $215
10 Session Pkg $450 $400


Mat Classes

Mat classes are small group classes. The mat work focuses on finding and strengthening the muscles of your powerhouse (or core) in order to support your spine. Mat work is the origin of the Pilates method.

Non-Member Price Member Price
1 Mat Class $30 $25
10 Mat Class Pkg $230 $210